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Red face I'm a newbie, so you have to forgive me for posting on old threads...

I want Rick's camera!!
I want Rick's skills with the camera! You have some really nice photos on the site, Rick, and that's a very photogenic, very still doggie you have there. I have the perpetual motion type of dogs--that's my excuse and I'm stickin to it!

I have a few cameras---an SLR that I'm pretty crappy with, a 35mm that's good for indoor flash photography but not much else, and a digital...The digital is a Kodak DX7590 that I LOVE and would recommend to just about anyone. With 5 megapix, 10x optical/3x digital zoom (38-380mm equiv) it turns out nice prints and when you disable file compression, makes crisp enlargements. And I still have money in my wallet

A very functional camera for the average picture taker with enough bells & whistles to be fun to use--And you can still control aperture and shutter settings, if you choose.

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