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Originally Posted by Prin
I don't think I'd ever end up getting a ferret. My man is allergic to everything and I got bitten really badly by one and got kind of spooked...
They do make wonderful pets. It is too bad you are spooked, they are such a joy to be around. Just like any other animal, it is up to the owner to teach them right from wrong. Sam was a bit of a biter, but he is getting much better now. He was obviously handled by a lot of different people at the pet store, so it is totally not his fault. Like I said, he is getting way better with lots of work and patience. They do nip when they play with us, but not in a mean way. They are still very young (all only ten months old) and are learning the difference between playing with a human and playing with eachothter.

You would be amazed by some of the reactions....or maybe not...that I have gotten from people. I ran into an older lady and her husband, who live in my complex, while walking them. She was practially in panic mode "Oh, don't touch them they bite, oh stay away from them" as the husband was trying to say hello. I guess I complained to a lot of people and word got back to her how upset I was about her reaction and her ignorance. The last time I saw her, she just looked at them and said how cute....and she "let" her husband pet them.

I have taken it on as a personal resposibility to teach people about these awesome little guys....without coming across with the idea that they would make good pets for everyone. I deter children from asking their parents for one, and tell them "Any time you need a ferret fix, come knock on my door." I even tell them the hours that they are awake and just last night two kids went with us on our walk. I tell them how expensive they can be and what kind of resposibility they are. We haven't gone on vacation this year as we cannot just leave them with they can take up a big chunk of your life...even if they do sleep for eighteen hours a day.

Well, as you can see, I love to talk about them. They have given me and my family so much fulfillment, so all of the work involved is so with it in my opinion. I only have one son, and he is now fourteen. I won't be having any more kids, so I guess this kind of fills the void. The cats are great, but the boys allow my mothering instincts to take over, as we all know the independence that felines have. sure did rave and rant on....sorry about that
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