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Don't have to ask me twice! Oh, wait, you did....

These are from the FIRST ferret picnic yesterday. Fun was had by ALL!

Gizmo making a donation to First....a donation of himself. They put the lid on shortly after...making sure that Gizmo was out and didn't "pocket" any of the donations;

Gizmo trying to "blend in". Not quite working out. They had a few litter boxes in the playpen, but they seemed to make better beds than places to make a 'deposit'

Sam winning his first tube race. Got some nice FerretVite and 8 in 1 treats for his hard work;

This gives you a better idea of the size of the playpen;

The boys all tuckered out after their busy busy afternoon. They slept the entire way home too. I didn't get many of Frodo, he was busy wandering around, getting picked up from the playpen, basically shmoozing with everyone for me to get any pics of him;

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