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Getting him a playmate may change him totally, but of course there is no guarantee!

He is very young and full of energy which needs to be expelled, and a playmate is very often just the thing!

What you might want to do is try fostering a snotty young female who won't take any of his crap and see how it goes. That way if it doesn't work out, the new cat can go back to the rescue and still get a good home.

Of course you will need to do proper introductions, and foster a cat who is known to be fine with other cats.

My kitten Stinkerbelle (6 months old) has attacked me just a couple of times. The rest of the time she plays with my other two adult cats, and they have taught her bite inhibition without ever hurting her.

I know that if she were my only cat, the attacks would be MUCH more frequent and hurt a heck of a lot worse!
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