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raw food diet did wonders for my cats health

Ihave a cat who was in very ill health, his immune system was failing and the vet just kept piling on more and more medicne. He had dandruff, oily matted fur, constant tapeworms, and fleas(even though I used flea med.) The last straw was when he started having respiratory problems. I bought a holistic cat book and immediatley put him and my four other cats on a raw food diet. I started giving yeast and garlic tablets to combat fleas naturally. To make along story short, it has worked! Shadrach, my once ill kitty is beautiful and doing well, it has taken about two months to get him on the right track. his fur is shiny and sleek, no worms , no fleas, and very healthy. He gets vit. supp. once a week and daily support minerals in his food daily. The raw food diet is expensive to do for my five cats, but the amount I have saved on vet bills, gas for trips to vet, stress, is immeasurable! Is there anyone who does raw food diet for their cats? People think I'm crazy! I have not been able to find a holistic vet in my state of kansas. I used to think all the natural stuff was alot of hoodoo voodoo, but what I have tried has been successful!
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