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Anyone know a REAL remedy to whiteflies? I have tried everything. Insecticidal soap, regular soap, murphy's oil soap, I even got a spray with Pyroxin in it (the stuff in lice shampoo that kills the lice). I tried spraying all my plants in the shower even.

I am desperate. I have already lost my window box of naustersiums, and my box of herbs. I have 8 tropical plumeria plants that are pretty bad, and the whiteflies are sucking the life out of them so much that they are starting to go limp and fall over. These are plants I CANNOT replace easily in Canada. It cost me over $200 just to get the 8 I have already. Also, my rare tropical hibiscus is doing pretty bad as well.

I was told about Neem Oil, but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know a garden centre that sells Neem Oil in or around the southern ontario region? I don't care how far. Anywhere from Oshawa to hamilton to barrie I will go. Or if someone knows where it is sold near them and wants to ship me some, I will pay for it (plus I send home made treats in return, just ask Prin).

PLEASE HELP ME! I am desperate. I don't want to loose my plumerias, as they are my memory of my trip to Hawaii with my BF. THese plants are what they make hawaiian leis out of. There are very few people that sell them in Canada, and to import, it's a minimum $50 per plant. Plus, 4 of the ones I have are unique as I grew them from seeds that were from Bali!
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