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Rabies protocol

Originally Posted by MIA
I just want to add that this isn't necesarily true, I was badly bitten last year and we weren't sure if the dog was vaccinated for rabies and I didn't get rabies shots nor was the dog tested, they have to test the brain of the animal, which would require for the dog to be PTS. It may depend your area, we haven't had a case of canine rabies in approx 20 years, and the doctor didn't want me to go through it...

But yes see a doctor if the skin was broken and please be careful with strange dogs, even those you know, remember it's still an ANIMAL.
I am very surprised that the doctor did not recommend that you were innoculated against rabies. When my dog bit someone in the U.S. Health Canada contacted me twice. Once right after the bite and the next time 10 days later. The girl that was bitten needed proof from me that my dog was vaccinated. If not she would have to undergo the injections. I think your doctor took a chance.
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