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I LIVE in the east coast and rabbit is not more popular than chicken - where on earth did you ever hear that? Whereever you did, please inform them otherwise - they are starting an urban legend I fear!!

Rabbits used to be known in northern NB (where I grew up) as Le Poulet Acadien - Acadian chicken bec ppl who could not afford chicken would trap rabbits. My dad's friends caught rabbits as kids. But today, it is very rare to ever see rabbit being sold in a store. This is actually the 3rd time perhaps in my life I have seen it advertized. But the 1st time in such a horrible displayed manner. You have to look far and wide to find rabbit on any part of the east coast - and I do a lot of travelling in my work thruout the Maritimes and rarely see rabbit. (thankfully, )

Lucky, I agree re: lobster - I was not singling out rabbit tho I know it sounded like that. I hate to see live lobsters in a tank whether it's in a restaurant or store. I don't think we can choose to treat aninals differently based on what species they are. My point is this store does not need to show such grusesome pix. A competing grocery store on the NB side of the river had lobsters displayed like that - ughhhhhh!! I told them what I thought so should I do no less for the rabbits?

It is a symbol of what they think about animals if this is how they choose to lay out a display ad - imho. :sad:
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