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I should be asleep but I peeked at that ad again and I think I will contact this store. Call me crazy. I understand why you think it is not different. But I had a pet bunny who I very much loved and adored who lived to be one of the oldest buns in the country. I miss him every day. Think of yourself with a dog or a cat and you pick up your supermarket flyer and there, in living colour, is a skinned cat or dog - minus the head but it is clear that's what it is. I know they have a market for rabbit meat - and even discussing how it tastes to me is disgusting (tho you could not know that). I have no friends who eat rabbit and while it is no litmus test, I am not sure how I feel about someone who does.

I know several children who have bunnies in large measure because they befriended mine. Thankfully, most kids are not inclined to read the grocery store specials. But what if they do? It really is a horrifying site. It may not be to you - those of you whp have posted - but I find it extremely disturbing. I donot have to shop at that store and I think - in spite of it all - I may just tell them why. They can certainly sell rabbit. They do not have to parafe skinned ones in front of me.

I have a friend (not in the Maritimes) who has a pet lobster. I am very careful NOT to discuss our lobster dinners in front of her. It is just being polite and I think this store has crossed the line on that issue. They show pork NOT by a skinned entire pig nor do they show an entire cow minus its head. Why then show a rabbit?

Anyway, that's my rant. I don;t want to sound like PETA but there is a way to display something without making people ill or distgusting consumers.
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