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I think it's referred to as something else but it's pigeon
It's called squab. I'v never had it but it is considered a real delicacy in some places.

As far as the rabbit I have owned rabbits and love them as pets, but I also know people who have a cow as a pet and still eat beef. Rabbit stew is actully very good. I don't see how showing the picture of a rabbit is any different than a picture of a chicken, beef, pork, or any other meat. I can understand it bothering you however. I know that at my friends family reunion they had a pig roast, I eat pork and normally don't have a problem with it but since I could see the actual face of the animal I couldn't bring myself to eat it, although I didn't let it bother me that the others ate it. I just avoided looking at the pig at all costs.
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