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I well understand that different cultures regard animals differently. This is not even a cultural issue since the store serves the majority cultural group in the region and rabbit is eaten by some. Not many but some.

My concern is the display of the rabbit in the flyer. It's just so disgusting!! I am not a vegetarian - tho I do not eat beef. I do eat chicken and seafood and I do hope the animals are cared for properly and I prefer to eat organic food. But to display a rabbit - minus the head - in colour on page two of their ad - is to me at least, disgusting!! They need to know that they have customers who have bunnies as pets and object to this display. I would prob not go so far as to suggest they not sell rabbit - I'd prefer they did not but where I live, that is not a fight I or anyone can win. But they do not have to display the entire carcus of a bunny in their flyer. Certainly, they do not do it for pigs or beef. They do of course show whole chickens and I suppose because I eat chicken, that does not bother me. And they do it for lobster and other seafood.

I do not want to sound like PETA but I honestly was ill looking at that page! I just want them to change the way they use their display ads.
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