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I am not really surprised at the response. My own mother said "what, are you crazy?" She would never eat rabbit but she noted that ppl do. My bf rcalled his friends trapping rabbits and selling them. He could not do it but it was an accpeted pratice. But times change, *&^%$

But I cannot think of a bunny as a rabbit and fish is just not the same skinned. I actually could not eat looking at that skinned bunny - the flyers arrived just around breakfast time Sun AM. I do know in this part of the world rabbit is a delicacy - and is sometimes called Acdien chicken but could they not just show it as they do other meat? I could live with that!

Anyway, thx for the responses. I may just contact them and ask if they could post the picture in a different way - like not the whole skinned rabbit!
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