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Puppy is pretty spot on there.
When I had my toad this is what I did:
10G aquarium, screen mesh top (homemade cost 3$)
I filled in half the tank with sand, and popped a large rubbermaid
sandwich container type thing in one end and filled it with water.
This made it easy to change the water every 2-3 days.
I then planted some grass, popped in some twigs, and some leaves.
If you cut a live twig with leaves, and put it in the sand/dirt,
it will probably continue to grow for some time assuming you mist/
water the soil/sand.
If it is a Frog, it needs an access to water deep enough to submerge fully.
My toad even submerged fully every evening after he had eaten.
For feeding,
Keep in mind that Crickets are mostly shell and not much nutrients.
You can buy "Cricket Gut Load" to feed to your crickets prior to feeding them
to your toad. Keep your crickets in a tall container with a screen lid, feed them on Gut Load and Calcium Enriched Cricket Gel Water (so they dont drown). You can usually buy about 100 crickets, and that will last you around a month or so. Feed your frog a few crickets, if he snaps em up right away and bam they are gone, feed a few more. If he eats a few and leaves the rest, feed that many less next time.
Feed your frog only every 2-3 days. And put him in a location where a window hits the enclosure, so they can cycle with the sun. That is important, if kept in a darker location, they will often go into hibernation.
Good Luck!
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