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The bad thing is that for the most part, people who post here regularly don't breed and wouldn't even think about not spaying/neutering their pets. So we are all preaching to the choir most of the time when it comes to breeding. It is a sad reality that alot of people have the mentality that it is their god given right to breed or to do anything else with their 'pets' that they see fit. There again, most of those kind of folks don't stay here long and we wouldn't change their opinions one bit even if they did.

I also think that people post controversial things just to get everyone riled up. From what I've seen, we all rise to the occasion and I can imagine some teenager and friends laughing it up reading the responses they get.

I don't envy the mods. I can't imagine trying to keep up with all the threads.

Maybe if when you sign up for a login name a big notice can come up before you are allowed to finish your registration stating that this board is pro spay/neuter and to avoid posting any threads regarding breeding? I really don't know what the solution is. :sad:
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