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Originally Posted by Writing4Fun
Have you read The Rowan? Again, first book was great - the rest, not so much. I read Clan of the Cave Bear and that series ages and ages ago. Again, the first one was great, the rest were blah.
I haven't even heard of The Rowan - is it by McCaffrey? I've found a few of her books to be kind of redundant - same story just from different person's viewpoint - but I love Dolphins & Dragons. I keep her books on the same shelf as my Windstone Dragon collection.

For Jean Auel - I think that The Valley of Horses is my favorite. She just takes too freakin long to write the next one! There was a gap of more than 6 years between the last two she wrote, and now its been 3 years since The Shelters of Stone came out and no word when the next one will be done.
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