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Important Pond Information

This Summer we installed a "water-feature", like many of you.
I thought I would share this important information to all of you who have ponds and dogs.

Subject: Algae in Ponds Kills Dogs

I am posting this as a warning to all dog owners.
Do not run your dogs near stagnant ponds with Algae

Yesterday morning I lost my daughters Irish Setter to Toxic Algae.

It happened within an hour of an exercise run after which I was
careful to cool the dogs down.
Ena, a 1.5-year Red setter had jumped in a nearby pond, about 3
acres, to cool and drink after a short 10-minute workout.
My IRWS did the same but did not drink much.

I found her dead in a pool of green less puke than an hour later.

I researched the cause, tested the water and compared the Algae
types to the research and found toxic algae to be the cause.

The weather here in St. Louis has been 95+ degrees with no wind
several weeks now. Perfect conditions for an Algae bloom in a
standing pond or small lake

Here are but a few links on the subject


Feel free to do several searches and cross post. I am gathering
organizing more on this and will post as I can.
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