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Originally Posted by kandy
On the lighter side I love Anne McCaffrey (books about a world that humans have inhabited - and engineered talking dolphins and dragons that fight 'thread' - a parasite that comes from the sky) - and Jean Auel (Pre-historic novels - Clan of the Cave Bear).

My hubby hates when I read - I tune everything else out and he can be hollering at me for ten minutes before I finally go - huh, did you say something? Obviously he's not a reader, unless it's Penthouse!
I used to loooove McCaffrey. Some of the later books in the Dragonriders' series started to get a little dull, like after the Harper died and the Weirleaders started getting old and the kids grew up. Have you read The Rowan? Again, first book was great - the rest, not so much. I read Clan of the Cave Bear and that series ages and ages ago. Again, the first one was great, the rest were blah.

Yeah, I'm the same way when I'm reading. Hubby can't stand it either. For him, it's not worth reading unless it's a comparo in a bike mag, or an instruction manual.

Prin: Guess I'll have to give Dahl a shot at least once in my life (although I've made it this far without anyone in my family knowing who he is ). Nope, never saw the Charlie movie, either one. Which one is BFG? Maybe that'll be the one that finally turns my 6yr old on to reading (he's his father's son, through and through).
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