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Worngly worded

OK, I need to clarify again. I used the wrong words when I said can "anyone out there" do a home visit for me? I was addressing everyone, but with hopes some of my contacts for home visits would see the post, hence saving me the time to go through my list and pick out people in that specific area. Anyone who knows me, who has done home visits for me, who is near Mississauga, would have replied.... Guess I'll just go the long way next time, and just look through all my paperwork to find who exactly is out that way.

I think some people should spend more energy trying to make a difference for these dogs rather than trying to tell people how to do it better. I do the way I do, I believe I screen more than most people (as I get blasted for "invading peoples' privacy" from other rescuer!) so ..... whoever doesn't like my screening, finds it too tough, can go elsewhere. I know where 95% of my dogs (I have lost track of a handful over the 12 years) and I do all I can to track them down. I have lost track of one for 2 years now, I and I have just located the owners, sent them a registered letter and waiting to see what's happenning. So whoever out here thinks I just "drop" dogs off anywhere and everywhere and rely on strangers to do the work for me, get a life once again. Stop judging when you have no clue what you are talking about and start helping animals. Anyone out there reply to the urgent post about the Beagle mix? NO...... Who ended up helping this girl? ME.....
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