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oh guys yoru the greatsest, thank you soooo much. yes i have definatly been loving it to death then, jsut like my dog (bad habbit that). it is in totally crap soil, due to its size its almost impossible to repot, and its surrounded by violets and its so pretty so i have never wanted to disturb it.

see ive been hassling the poor thing for years, abotu 5 yrs ago it was perfect and flowered every year, its the msot amazing smell to go to sleep to just dreamy... so i am going to stop hassling it straight away, thank you all so much, im so grateful, i love this plant...
and interesting to know its not a jasmin, a friend of mine swears its jasminoides nocuturnum, but i suppsoe it could be perhps in refernece to the similar smell, botanical names are a bit like that at times, jsut odd...
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