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Wow it sounds beautiful I may go off my boycott for

I would love to see pictures if you would like to share them that would be great. Is it near the entrance to the zoo

Oh the geese issue, they wanted to relocate some geese but did it in a back door sneaky way....loaded hundreds of them into a cube van in the middle of summer to move them. Most died from being trampled and through heat exhaustion in the back of the van. To try to cover it up and w/o reporting it to the MOE they then got a back hoe and dug a big pit and dumped the dead geese in the pit.

As for the deer, they do have some options of sterilization and isolating the males from females during mating season. THey're a zoo man they have to know how to do it...I think they get $$$ from the hunting farms and thats why they do it !
Cats only have nine lives because they stole them from dogs!Teehee

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