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If Margie is a she, then she's not the one making that beautiful sound. Only the males buzz (or so I've read). And yes, pags, some people do call them "locusts" - I read that somewhere recently as well. I don't remember if that's because they're related, or have a similar behaviour, or because of the sound they make, or what. Hmmm.... I'll have to go look that up again...

We went to the Toronto Zoo with the kids earlier this week. The butterfly exhibit was beautiful! :love: Easily the best part of the whole zoo. I love butterfiles - they're so peaceful and gentle. That's probably the only bug that wouldn't die and instant and horrible death if it came into my house - I'd definitely catch it and release it outside. Butterflies, and the occasional praying mantis and stick bug that I find around the front garden (although I haven't seen either of those this year ). Anything else is toast.
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