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Egad I really do learn something new every day!! I was totally aware of these big loud bugs.. The locals called them 'locusts' when we were growing up -- even though they're nothing like actual locusts... I suppose because they sort of invade and eat in massive swarms like the real thing. The street where I grew up was actually Locust Street. And we had nothing but huge pine trees in our yard -- full of cicadae at the end of every summer.

Which is exactly why I had no idea about the 17 year cycle! I suppose since the broods (can you call them broods?) were staggered over each year we never had to wait through a whole cycle to have a big swarm and just got invaded each and every year What a nifty thing to learn!

I also read somewhere they're the only insects known to actually 'sweat'. How's that for useful knowledge? Huh?

I think it's a she, Luba. I mean - she looks like a she. She's only got about a month to live... so make the name a good one. She sort of looks like a Jenny to me. Or maybe Margaret. Margie?
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