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I'm sorry guys you sound like my mother who promtly screamed her head off while taking this sheet in from the line, ran to the gate yelling her head off at it's MY fault ahahah the buzzers in the laundry.

Poor ma she doesn't like them much, but he didn't harm her hahaha

Sorry but no butterfly this time, maybe another time my Phlox is starting to bloom and they love to land on it so I'll b sure to not freak you out atleast for the rest of tonight

they shed (molt) an almost perfectly intact husk of exoskeleton... You can find them stuck all over the trees in the fall time...
YES Pags you're right and I didn't realize it until NOW I remember as a kid yes yes yes it musta been once in the 17yr cycle when there are tonnes of them (lol @ David Letterman what a hoot)

I remember tonnes of them all over the pine trees in the park wehre Ilive and I didn't know what the heck they were....Pags you sooo smart!!

SO, anyone wanna help name him??
Cats only have nine lives because they stole them from dogs!Teehee
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