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Congrants on the soon to be new addition. If I ever get another cat I think it will be an egyptian mau. They are so beautiful.

As far as food I feed my kitty Wellness. I just switched her about 3 months ago from Iams (not a good food at all) so I don't know how the kitten formula is because I'v only ever used senior since my kitty was 12 when I switched her. I'v noticed a total change since I'v switched her. She has less bowl movements which are firmer than with the iams, and she sheds WAY less than before and doesn't have any dandrift anymore. before on the iams her sheding was out of control, you couldn't even pet her without getting HANDFULLS of fur and I brushed her daily! The wellness has stopped this. I really like the wellness and she seems to like it too, but that's not saying much cuz she'll eat anything.
Jackie and her little babies.

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