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Originally Posted by Okami
But I will trim the kittens claws. I know how to trim cat claws, but after trimming do I smooth it out with a nail filer?
You can, if your kitty will allow you. Many animals don't like the way a nail file feels like. You could just leave it alone after the trim. A good pair of clippers should not leave the nail jagged.
Originally Posted by Okami
Also is there such a thing as a tooth brush for cats? I'm not sure if cats have a dental problem as much as dogs.
There is a tooth brush and a tooth paste made specifically for cats. You can use a small finger brush or small tooth brush available at most pet supply stores. It is a good idea to brush your cats teeth. They do get dental problems and many do require teeth scaling especially as they get older. If you are going to brush your kitty's teeth, be sure to start soon in getting her used to it.

Also, about the cats getting along with birds. My parents' cat will actually sleep on the bird's cage and not even pay attention to the birds. I think it really freaked out the birds at first, but they soon learned she meant them no harm.
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