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Pet passports to cover North America

Pet passports to cover North America

People will soon be able to bring their vaccinated pets from the USA and Canada to the UK. It will mean they no longer have to place their cats or dogs into six months quarantine to make sure they are disease-free.

The Pet Travel Scheme already applies to Europe and other countries free of rabies. Owners of more than 75,000 cats and dogs have used the scheme to bring their pets into the UK without the six month quarantine period.

It will apply to the USA and Canada from 11 December. In the short term, animals will have to go into short stay quarantine - usually lasting just two or three days - while paperwork and microchips are checked.

The decision to extend the scheme to North America is backed by scientific assessments that show there would be no significant increase in the risk of bringing rabies into the UK.

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