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HELP crap looking night jasmin (jasminoides nocturnum)

oh this sucks, my poor night jasmin will never flower again at this rate.

now this poor thing, it is about 15-20yrs old, it was taken as a cutting from a very special friends mothers house, it was then grown by wonderful friend in a pot, it is now in a huge pot and has been for a very long time... it grows in the centre of the pot and is surrounded by native aussie violets that grow in a carpet and flower purple, very pretty and i have looked and their roots dont seem to be interfering with the jasmins roots.

well stupid mel went and cut it back a few years ago, i cut it right back, now it is all straggly and stringy and has lost its bulky beauty, it has also not flowered in 2yrs....

it jsut does not look full and bright, has any one got any suggestions for this poor plant, how cna i get it back to its former glory?? this is a very special pot plant to me simply because of the wonderful friend that gave it to me, he entrusted me with it andi dont wnat to kill it, it would be very very sad...

any advice will be wonderful, thanks
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