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mel picks up a dog poo with her bare hands (oh my god shes an animal ) and throws it at the door as dogastrophe walks out, but i missed, oh well i will get it next time

hey $9000 thats about right, your dollar is slightly higher than ours, in australia a student gets about $11000-12000 a year at the most, but get this a person on the dole, that is unemployed welfare get about $17000 a year, how the hell does that work, a student working their butt off gets less and cnat afford vegetables and godo meat to power their brains where as a person doing nothing on welfare who dont need as good nutrition gets more, its screwed and it makes me real mad. when i finished uni there was a joke going aroudn that we were all jsut gunna go on welfare as it was a pay rise for us (most of us did too ) stupid system....

definatly a job in the DNA industry miss, its great money and you wil live like a queen

thanks for that dog, that is very interesting
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