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home visit needed in Mississauga.

See why I don't come here often anymore? Let me explain myself. I have been controversed for a while on this site now, and here is my procedure from A to Z.

First of all, I know people in Ontario who go to this board as well as other boards where rescuers actually try to help one another, and I have posted this where I know people who have done home visits for me in the past from other rescues will see it. It is the easy way out, rather than look through my contacts and pick them all out and send e-mails to those specific people. They know me, and will e-mail me back. I don't remember all these names everyone has on here and get everyone mixed up, so this was getting the word to my contacts Lil'RickyMom needs "another" home visit......

But obviously some people who can only criticize others didn't like my post.. So here's how it works to get one of my dogs..................

My procedure: You first get a screening on the phone. You then get my adoption application form, which is 6 pages long, and asks a ****load of questions to see your suitability to adopt one of my rescues. After verifying with your landlord if you rent, the City to make sure you own if you say you do, your references who must have known you for years very well, your vet if you have pets or have had in the last 2 years, for which you must call and authorize them to give me the info I seek. Then.... I do the home visit. Being in Montreal and having no car, I get volunteers from other rescues to do this for me, as well as a follow-up visit thereafter.

Once the dog is adopted, the contract is signed (and I threaten to sue you for $2500 if you give, sell or euthanize the dog without my written consent), a contract which gives me every right to follow up on the dog "at any time after adoption" (meaning for years to come), where I reserve to take the dog back at any time if he is abused, mistreated, neglected in any way. You are not allowed to keep your dog as an "outside" dog, no matter the breed, never to be left unattended in a yard or other area and I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out.

Need any more than that? I have never seen a rescue in Montreal who goes through this screening, and I have even gotten blasted by other rescues who feel I invade people's privacy. What they tell me when they adopt their dogs out at "adoption kiosks", is "we go by gut instinct. We ask people to fill in a form with their name and address, and we do a follow-up visit".

I have been blasted on this site for the last 6 months, and to be honest, I feel I am doing the best I can for these dogs. I admit I have dogs returned, dogs I placed in wonderful homes where everything was the best you could hope for, and boom... the dog comes back for whatever reason. It happens, what can I say. I'm not God, I can't force these people to love their dog the way they said they would, the way they should, I can only hope after days and sometimes weeks of screening, I have picked the right family.

So for all of you who think I call myself a rescuer, I believe I truly rescue to the best of my ability, being totally alone with occasionally a foster home for a while, no car, no steady job at the moment, but a smile on my face everytime I take a dog off death row and find him a good home.

That's all I have to say, I don't think I'll be back here for a while again. I tried with the home visit as I know people who would and could do it, but I don't need this aggravation when I come on here. It used to be about the dogs, now it's about the people and how everyone is better at it than the other. I only believe my way of doing it is the way I feel it should be done to ensure the maximum positive results, as sadly enough, even good people dump their dogs.

If some of you feel I'm full of it, I honestly don't give a damn, I don't do it to please anyone, not the dumpees, not the adoptees, not the rescue organizations, I do it STRICTLY for the dogs.

So to all of you who can only judge others and make comments without inquiring as to who you're making comments to, have a nice life...... Possibly without pets as obviously pets are not your main concern, other people's way of running their lives is.
The more I rescue dogs , the more I hate people

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