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Missing My Ciara, 3-21-06
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It has been a while since I have had Ferrets, I miss that too. I do not think Ciara would take to one right now. (I thought about once or twice though)

My last one was called "Ogre". I rescued him from a neighbor who thought it was cool to use him as a bowling ball and knock down towers of empty beer cans at his partys. I convinced the guy's pregnant girlfriend ferrets can be dangerous to babies. I reimbursed them for what they paid for him and felt like lying to the gf was my best move ever...Ogre proved me right. I moved to Naples later and found him a friend at the pound.
Being of the Ermine family they do like baths.
I also put a cat figure 8 harness on Ogre when he roamed the house. (Add a bell, helps to locate them) His favorite toy was plastic grocery bags.
They are kittens that refuse to grow up so make sure you suck down plenty of caffiene & sugar daily to keep!
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