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I have two. They are the neatest little guys. We didn't intend on ever having them but a friend out of the city asked if I ever came across some for adoption she would like one. She had one years earlier. Well the time came and three were looking for homes. There were all together. We brought them all home with their fancy house and had to stay with us for a couple months until we took them to their new home. I have been in the pet business for 18 yrs but in that time I had never dealt with them. I was not prepared for how they play at all. Those little buggers look like they are about to attack you with their arched back, hissing and bouncing all over the place. We had all of them out running around trying to figure them out when my son squeaked a toy. The female hated it, she flew through the air towards her cage. I happened to be standing a little too close when she latched onto my leg. We figured right away that she didn't like it, didn't do that again. We quickly got used to them and attached ourselves to the wee won. He was 4 months old and sweet as can be. The other two went to their new home and baby stayed with us. We called him baby because we didn't intend for him to stay, still called baby. Once we were used to the way they play it was great. I would have to say their personalities are between a cat and dog. You stomp towards him and he runs, you step back and he chases you. All the time bouncing and hissing. They are into everything all the time. We walk them in the neighbourhood, they just love those kids. They come in groups and the ferrets have a hay day. Baby met a little yorkie around the corner that he loved to play with. Though he was happy on his own, everything I read said to have more than one. I placed an add looking for a buddy for Baby. Along came Charlie. They are great friends and it is good to have two but the time when there were three was just too much. Very hard to keep track of all of them going in all different directions. They are both very friendly, never tried to bite anyone ever and watching them sleep with their blankies is so sweet. I would recommend a ferret over any other sm fuzzy animal. I think they make great pets. I have heard of some that are nippers but the two I have are angels.
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