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Plus my family thinks that keeping caged-animals is cruel. But ferrets need a lot of time outside the cage, right? Can they be litter-trained? Are they like rabbits and chew on everything/anything they come across? Do you need to own more than 1 ferret to keep them happy? Thanks
My niece has had a ferret for the last 3 years. Hers is very sweet and adorable, but they are very active and intelligent and need a lot of playtime and stimulation. 2 is better, so they always have a playmate.

My niece's ferret is not in her cage very often and is mostly loose in my niece's bedroom and sleeps with her. She is litter trained, but still messes around anyway.

They have a strong odour, which you either like or hate!

Vet care is very expensive here for them, since they must go to an exotic vet!

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