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If the family has had pets and has a long standing vet, I would ask the vet for a reference check rather than asking someone on this board to do a home visit. I am sure that the adopting family would be more comfortable with this arrangement. It would be different if you were affiliated with a rescue in the area that you have worked with before. As a would-be adopter I would frankly be very upset if you asked someone unknown to you to visit my home. Imagine the fallout should there be a break-in or some other incident at the family's home shortly after the visit. Totally unrelated to the person doing the inspection, but of course when asked by the Police if there had been any recent unknown visitors, the person's name would have to be given. Not good - I am not trying to be dramatic here - things happen. My vet has 4 vets in her clinic. All would give me excellent references which I would hope would be sufficient for purposes of placing a pet with me.