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Originally Posted by StaceyB
Even though having someone from this forum that one doesn't really know is probably not the best idea. We do have to applaud her for doing something that many of us are just not able to do. If she has a potential home for a dog outside of her area and is unable to do a house check herself, what better place to look for help than here. Do we not offer transportation help for these same dogs from people we do not know.
I fully agree, and applaud anyone and everyone who does this type of work. I couldn't work in rescue, too emotional. I'd be liable to beat the crap outta anyone who abused an animal I was just answering a question posed by Luba and meant no disrespect in any way or form. As we've seen on the forum though, not everyone who comes here, always does the right thing by their pets. I'm sure this rescue will check out whom ever they use.

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