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thats thedifference, the humidity, its not that humid here even in summer, my stamp collection is my indicator and they have experienced no probs here, so perhaps the lack of humidty is the key.

when i lived in a humid place the humidity even stuffed my stereo so i can imagine a year would be jsut about right in such a place......

the only reason mine stay for a year is my crap memory, i tend to forget them until i go and use the book their in and then i remember, then mount, i suppose that is the surprising bits really, its fun to find a cool specimin you forgot about, then take it to all my cronies and we all drool over the specimin, ah well i think its cool and thats what counts really and hey some of my heros are botanists, so to emulate them and impress them is the ultimate for me, wow to me their all heros(most ppl dont quite get that)
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