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all it would take is for one of last years tomatos to fall on the ground and the seed to be released, i find when you grow tomatos in any spot you will probably get them comin up for years, especially if its a big patch...their good self seeders really...

remember tomatos love acid, so find your best acidic spot and go for it, if your soil is basic and not acidic try growing them in pots or polystyrene boxes, that way you can create your soil conditions and the seed wont spread....

another thing i saw recently was using a bag of potting mix, and plant the tomato plant drictly into the potting mix, tie up at top nad pop out in the sun, and this way you can move it around too so you dont killl grass.... i am going to try this style this year as were renters and its too hard to grow in a garden you dont own...
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