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i basically collect for my herbarium. as an environmmental scientist and consultant i deal with lots of plants, so if you ahve samples it can often make the job alot easier and you can become very familiar with the physical structures of plants in person rather than in text which is often hard to use...
i have about 10yrs of samples in the collection.

also botany is one of my loves, an extension of my work and i love to collect rare specimens, in australia you cannot collect rare stuff without a licence which i have so that makes it easy.

i have some great samples of endangerd australian plants and use these often in my work or for educational purposes, not to mention some of these plants are almost extinct so to have samples can greatly help conservation in many ways....such as education,, propagation, physiological studies and such....

also in my field to have a good collection makes you pretty cool in a sense, so it also gets you browny points when you can show the famous botanists your collection, hey we have to bragg about something...

mine are all mounted when dry, put on acid free paper with details of collection at the bottom..then stored, one day i will probably donate them to someone or a botany school or such......

a year you say, i ahve only ever left them 8weeks at the most and find they are fine mostly, i have had no probs with moisture at all....

my new press is so tight, it just squeezes those buggers together so hard, and i find they seem to dry fast.... but i cant remember how my 10yo ones were done, thats the prob, i suppose i wil experiment and let you know....whats the bet they were done over a year because i forgot them, i bet you a dollar i did that

well lets see then.....

thanks luba
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