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I'm still intrested, you see it's just a habit of mine that I take a certain % of money I earn each month, just in case anything sparks my intrest and I want to buy it. I've been saving for a while now not knowing what to use it for, well about a few years. I've always wanted a cat since I was a little girl, and just this year I've been given permission too. So money is not a problem to me, people can ask why spend it on such a expensive cat? Mostly because of this cat's unique personality, it likes water, loves a dogs company more then other cats, enjoys walks. You can actually say this cat is a dog in catform.

Also I've recived an answer from the fish and Wildlife department. The answer was no, no spotted cats whatever type they are, are not allowed anywhere in alberta.

Mono with what the Frish and Wildlife said do you think if I register the Savannah I could still bring it into Alberta. Also I was wondering, since the Fish and Wildlife said "no spotted cats" the savannah does come in a marble pattern, like a bengals marble coat, do you think that could get around the "no spotted cats" rule?
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