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chico,they definately are beautiful.

As for the price,are you ready for this.

The prices for a F-1 male kitten start about $3500. Some F-1 females will start about $4500. The F-2 and F-3 kittens will sell for considerably less than the F-1's. Their prices will vary depending on the sex, generation and quality of the kitten.

Holy flippin crap.....

I said they would be expensive..LOL

Okami,you still interested in this breed?????....

Apperently this is the reason why they are so very expensive.

Savannah Cats are very difficult to breed. There are several factors involved in this difficulty. The first is the that these are two different species and with a great difference in size. Sometimes they just won’t breed. Also the gestation period is very different and the kittens frequently are born premature or they may be miscarried. Because of the difficulty, there are very few Savannahs that are born. The result is that they have a price that may seem high.

And I'll add this too while I am at it....LOL

Registration of Savannah Cats can be done through TICA (The International Cat Association) as an experimental breed. Another option is to register them with I.P.C.B.A.(International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance), this gives you the convienience of having them registered as Savannah but as a domestic giving protection from wildblood prohibition laws. REFR(Rare and Exotic Feline Registry) also recognises this breed and allows registry. It will take some time before the Savannah Cat is recognized as a breed with some of the other cat registries such as CFA.
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