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After phoning the Fish and Wildlife number, being fowarded to the spca, then being forwarded to the animal control, and then sent back to the fish and wilflife. I was told, "we don't handle cats" I told them it was a hybrid cat, that was a mix between a wild and domesticated cat, I recived an answer "I don't know.....I'll get back to you".
I'm not sure if they'll have my answer but the answers I've been given by the spca and animal control have been "I don't think the city of calgary has any laws against it".
I'm not so sure how long the fish and wildlife will take to respond back it's been a few days now..., I'm not so sure that they'll even be able to give me an answer.
Still I'm not sure if I should purchase the cat, I really don't want to depend on "I think it's legal" answer when I purchase my cat.
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