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Please call the number I left.

That is the only way for you to know if they are legal in Alberta, let alone Calgary.
You may need an import permit. I know that sounds ridiculous, but to tell you the honest truth, we live less than an hour from the Alberta border and make trips to Medicine Hat often to shop.
Believe it or not, if we purchase a pet, even a goldfish, we are by law supposed to get an export permit from the fish and wildlife office to take the dang thing home, and an IMPORT permit to bring it back to Sask with us. Now, they are not really going to MAKE you get one, but believe it or not if they were to stop us we could end up with the fish being taken from us because we didn`t have the permits.
Just call the number I left on my post, then you will know if you can legally keep it in Calgary.
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