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Thanks, I actully miss that fish a lot.

Originally Posted by heidiho
You know when i read that it said they should be in a 3 gallon tank,mine is in a one gaalon tank,and when u go to pestmart they are in a cup..I dont get it...
Mainly a larger tank is perferred because a one gallon can't accomadate a heater, and bettas need warm water.

They are kept in cups at the store because it's only temporary until they get a home, and it wouldn't make sense to have 50 3 gallon tanks all over. But I still don't agree with this, I think they should be at least kept in a gallon of water at the store. Unfortunately that is why many bettas you buy at places like petsmart are sick, or have lowered immune systems. The place I buy my fish is a fish and reptile specialty store so they don't have many bettas and keep the ones they do have in two gallon tanks, plus since it's a fish and reptile store they keep the temp pretty high in the store eliminating the need for heaters in the betta tanks.
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