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I'm sorry to hear that. You may be able to take him to a pet store and ask if they have any ideas as to whats wrong with him. usually a pet store will have at least one person on the staff who can at least diagnose if it's a treatable desease. Some vets will treat fish, you could try that. You could look up the info and try a salt bath, but like I said I'v never done that before so I don't know a whole lot about it.

I get very attached to my fish. My betta recently died :sad:. but he was old I had him for about a year and a half and he was probably a year old when I got him.

Once I had a saltwater fish tank, I had this clown fish that I just loved named gypsy, she would follow my finger around the glass and actully let me pet her. I would put my finger in the top of the tank and she would rub up against it, she was the only fish I ever had that did that. I used to feed them frozen brineshrimp from a net. Well they would get all excited and swim into the net, one day gypsy swam into the net and I didn't see her so the next day I go to feed them and I found that I had killed her. I cried for hours, I felt so bad. After that I was paranoid about the net everytime I feed them.
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