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Actually when a betta (simese fighting fish) is living in a small bowl the water does need to be changed completely every week. If the food sinks to the bottom it goes bad and poisens the water. Partial water changes are for larger tanks, when it's in a bowl it should be changed 100 pecent.

Betta fish are actully very slow moving and often like to lay at the bottom of the bowl. This is not uncommon though every fish is different. Normally laying at the bottom of the bowl wouldn't be alarming, but if this is not your betta's normal behavior it could mean sickness.

You definatly have to use water conditioner. The chlorine in the water will easily stress and kill a fish very quickly. If you don't want to use a water conditioner leaving the water stand over night will allow the chlorine to evaporate making the water safe. I have never personally used that method and I don't trust it, but accourding to what I have read it should work with no problems.

Also betta fish usually only live about 2 to 3 years, and if you get them from a pet store there really isn't any way to know how old they are when you get them.
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