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Choke halter

I figure the word CHOKE will get someone's attention.
I have one of those strong willed, do or die pullers whose life is not complete unless he is pulling at a lead.
You can talk training or whatever but he is an Alpha Dog and must be in the lead when we walk in the forrests of our property.
I have found a halter arrangement that fits under and around his front legs and when he pulls it tighens around his front shoulders area and not his neck thus causing him to quite pulling almost at once. The lead is connected just above his front shoulder area to a hook that transfers any pulling force to the front legs and shoulders. He actually looks like a well trained dog walking on this device. It is not for a lack of training that he acts this way he is just one stubborn dog that is otherwise a great companion and has an acre run to play in with his buddy but when we take our daily walk in the woods he likes to lunge ahead and this halter keeps him from dislocating my shoulder and allows him to walk in comfort also.
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