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Well I considered getting a cat from the shelter, but my family has had a bad experience with a shelter animal. We purchased a small dog from the shelter once, and we loved it so much. Whatever the previous owner had did to the poor dog caused it to be afraid of people when they raised their voice a little even if it wasn't to the dog, it would be so terrified it would pee on the spot, or run away and it'd be scared for hours. We couldn't bear watching the dog like that. So we had to give it away to an owner that had an outdoor pen and could take care of the dog, and maybe slowly coax it into liking humans again. It broke my family's heart to loose their first family pet. I was requested to not find an animal from a shelter because of that. Another reason I want to buy a kitten is because I have other pets in the house that I want the kitten to grow up around, so it gets used to them and knows how to act around them. I choose the savannah because of their personality, they're very playful and intellegent cats. They're good around dogs, actually they love playing with dogs. I don't really care that they look exotic or not, but I just love their characteristics, it's like a mix between the personality of a dog and a cat.
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