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I think the tank thing is just so their reflection doesn't aggravate themselves, and a mesh tank gives them upright room to climb. But really, if they have vines and leaves and such, they have plenty of climbing room! The dragons we are watching are a male and female. They bought the female last year, but had Pudge for about 3 years prior. He is definately territorial, but they seem to get along ok. She (Ginger) is very quiet and will hang out in the corner for days....only come out to eat, then go back. It's odd, but they say she does it all the time! They are in a 90 gallon tank too!! The mother was going to get a Euromastis (sp?) to go in with the dragon - they are recommended as compatible, but she couldn't find one, so she bought Ginger instead. You could try one of those.....I don't know a lot about them though! Good luck!! I really like Chip - he is very fun to watch! His feet & tail are crazy, it makes me laugh every time I see him hanging on a vine! He was really green as a baby, then turned more brownish as he got older. He is about a year old now! Here is a pic of him when we got him at about 2 months old.
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