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I need answers and ideas...

I made the appointment but I have been canceled. I have to have a referral from my doctor. He refuses, I have been seeing this doctor for 23 years +. Reasons are because I am a cancer patient of record and I need to get this referral from the oncologist of record. This is not an option . I will never see this doctor ever again after the way I was treated...
I called my radiologist and he would not refer me either.
I called Shands go.
I do have an appointment at 2 pm. Thursday with a doctor nextdoor to the imaging lab. (They set me up)
Cyberkitten, please input?

This is not a controlled drug I am requesting., it's a freakin' exam! Why the road blocks? I am more now than ever convinced single low income people are not meant to survive cancer. This is why I never persued the issue and good friends aside...this was a bad idea. I am reliving all that brought nightmares 3 and 1/2 years ago.
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