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Help! Having trouble finding if a certain breed is legal in a city

I'm having alot of trouble finding out if a certain breed of cat I want to buy is legal or not in my city, I know the cat is legal in Canada but I'm not sure about my city. I've searched for by-laws on cats for my city and all I have found is Cat regulations (what cat's can and cannot do). I've also tried contacting animal control and the only reply I have gotten so far is "we'll get back to you".
If anyone can please lead me in the right direction it would be great~
And for anyone who can help

Cat Breed : Serval Felis (Leptailurus) serval / African Serval
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta

Is it legal?, and if so what requirements(ex. types of caging/fencing) or permits do I need.

Thank you so much for your time
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