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Chip is in a 30 gallon tank, with lots of sticks and vines to climb on. We'd like to eventually get one of those mesh uprights but they are pricey, so in time we will!! He has a heat lamp and a UV light - thats it! We had a waterfall in there for him but it was crappy, so we bought him this water dish that bubbles & he loves it! I will take a picture of it tomorrow - hubby has the camera right now, then I will post it!!! We also have a large tree type plant that we put him on in the livingroom & he likes that a lot too! He isn't any more or less difficult to care for really - his lights are cheaper than the 3 a dragon needs, but he still eats crickets & worms, and needs it warm. He's pretty easy to care for actually! I will post that pic tomorrow!!!
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